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Grocery store

Using BEST's communication feature, we can connect all the registers of a food store in such a way as to let them work independently from one another while exchanging information with the front office to check prices, update inventories, send sales figures, etc.

It allows for a more stable system that combines tens of registers in one network. It makes it easy to balance cash registers weekly and  automatically order according to sales made during an interval.

It allows for a more stable system that combines tens of registers in one network. BEST prints display labels with cost for 100g or 100ml using its integrated label generator; produces ads for specials; manages weekly specials during an interval; handles mix’n match for chocolate bars and combos (ex: coffee, paper, muffin); allows employees to make cash on hand opening and closing statements, resolve an over the limit cashflow and make a deposit;  facilitates the control of the age of customers buying regulated products or to set time ranges to sell specified items;  it integrates barcode scanners and electronic scales; it charges customer's account and supports quick access payment amounts (ex: $20.00); it integrates PoS terminals; controls inventories, etc.

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Whos is behind BEST?

BEST is a Point-of-Sale solution designed by cash register specialists. Its chief creator has long  managed his own store selling and servicing cash registers. This experience explains why we understand your needs.
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Why should you chose us?

Right from the beginning, BEST was developed to fill the need for an inexpensive reliable Point-of-Sale solution. Since then, more than 2,000 customers chose BEST to manage their store.
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How to try our software?

There are no better way to convince yourself that BEST is the software you need than to see it in action. And for that request that one of our resellers make a demo in your place of business. 
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