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The BEST point of sale software!

We have designed the Point-of-Sale BEST to be as simple to use as your cash register.

BEST is the ideal tool for all activity sectors: convenience stores, grocery store, drugstores, clothing stores, giftshop, hardware store, bookstores, restaurants...

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" As simple as a cash register, as powerful as a computer! "

Daniel Filteau from TCI Électronique. Read more testimonials



Simplicity and performance

BEST is designed in such a way as to be as simple to use as a cash register. The look, size and location of its commands, as well as the screen's background are entirely customizable to meet your preferences. BEST was designed for use on a touch screen monitor as to provide uncompromising visuals, using either a specialized cash register keyboard for stunning speed or a regular computer keyboard for cost efficiency.

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Unlimited flexibility

BEST system is flexible and readily adapts to any type of business: restaurants, lunch counters, cafeteria, convenience stores, super markets, boutiques, etc. BEST is fast, reliable and efficient. It shines handling inventories and supply orders, managing customer accounts; its report generator will impress you as will the Point-of-Sale. BEST is perfect to manage different types of business at once. And its SQL database bi-directional multi-store communication system sets it above and beyond its competition.

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Whos is behind BEST?

BEST is a Point-of-Sale solution designed by cash register specialists. Its chief creator has long  managed his own store selling and servicing cash registers. This experience explains why we understand your needs.
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Why should you chose us?

Right from the beginning, BEST was developed to fill the need for an inexpensive reliable Point-of-Sale solution. Since then, more than 2,000 customers chose BEST to manage their store.
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How to try our software?

There are no better way to convince yourself that BEST is the software you need than to see it in action. And for that request that one of our resellers make a demo in your place of business. 
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